Snow White

by Andrew Nicholson


1994 was the last time SDC put on a Snow White Pantomime. This year with a special script written by Andrew Nicholson we return to one of the favourites. Whilst the Walt Disney film of 1937 is very well known the story actually comes from a German fairy tale, and was first published by the Brothers Grimm around 1812.

The fairy tale features such elements as the magic mirror, the poisoned apple, the glass coffin and the characters of the evil queen and the seven dwarfs. In our tale, Snow White meets the Prince of her dreams early on, but the Queen is jealous of this and after discovering she is not the fairest in the land anymore, plots to get rid of Snow White. Our princess escapes to the forest where, with the help of some animal friends, she stumbles across a cottage. The cottage she discovers, belongs to the 7 Dwarfs who quickly adopt her as a friend. One day, while the dwarfs are at work, Snow White opens the door to an old hag who offers her an apple in exchange for her kindness. Snow White accepts the apple and eats it, falling quickly to her death from the poison. The dwarf’s and Prince discover her and lay her to rest in the forest. With true love’s kiss the spell is reversed and our Princess has her happy ending after all.



You can turn the pages using the arrows at the bottom of the programme once you move your mouse over the image.

Cast & Crew


Snow White: Catherine Reid
Prince Florian: Sarah Huggett
Cookie: John Shepherd
Peter: Jo Tawse
Captain: Ian Watson
Hugo: Caitlin Parchment
Bernando: Dave Sawyer
Otto: Darren Giles
Queen: Dot Reid
Queen’s PA: Charlene Edwards
Mirror: Nicola Wood
Ned: Gordon Drayson

Senior Chorus
Amanda Facey
Zoe Quinney
Charlie Quinney
Jessica Hann
Dayna Parchment
Nicola Wood

Children’s Chorus
Group 1
Rebecca Clarke-Irons
Jessica Grace
Emily Blakemna
Jessica Champion
Nicola Catley
Jessica Bailey
Megan Wood
Freya Bunting

Emily Clarke-Irons
Casey Champion
Imogen Pascall
Shannon Chapman
Emma Frith
Katie Rapley

Group 2
Olivia Marshall
Lucy Marshall
Savannah Milliner
Ruby Craker
Layla Parsons
Georgia Parsons
Madison Dauris
Olivia Dauris

Melissa Jones
Abigail Parker
Olivia Holder
Bethany Taylor
Lorna Thorpe
Sophie Lucas


Director: Hazel Istead
Writer: Andrew Nicholson
Choreography: Claire Giles
Children’s Choreography: Mandy Grace
Musical Director: Felix Shepherd
Musicians: Ross Clark & Sarah Hume
Costumes: Catherine Roberts & Andrew Roberts
Set Design & Painting: Di Ralston & Chris Bryan, Nicola Emery, Don Ralston
Sound: Tim Crump
Lighting Design: Ian Barlow
Lighting Technicians: Simon Barlow, Paul Barlow & Daniel Barlow
Stage Manager: Andrew Nicholson
Deputy Stage Manager: Barry Nicholson
Assistant Stage Managers: Karen Weeks & Matt Hewish
Props: Katie Eynon & Ian Watson
Front of House Manager: John Desbottes



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