Neville’s Island

by Tim Firth


A comedic exploration of the benefits of the business outward- bound course and how relationships can be changed forever by a few days away in the country….

Four out-of-condition middle-management businessmen, sent off on a team building exercise in the Lake District, succeed in being the first team to reach an island on Derwentwater.

Bound in fog, surrounded by wildlife and cut off from the world this perfunctory exercise turns into a carnival of recriminations, French cricket and a sausage.

The planned bonding process for Neville, Angus, Roy and Gordon turns into a situation where they find they are out of their depth! And when night settles in strange things happen under the stars. What happens on Neville’s Island this foggy November none of this middle-management team will ever forget…..



You can turn the pages using the arrows at the bottom of the programme once you move your mouse over the image.

Cast & Crew


Neville: Joshua Webster
Gordon: Dave Sawyer
Angus: Ian Orrick
Roy: John Desbottes


Director: David Apps
Stage Manager: Dot Reid
Prompt: Theo Spring
Lighting Design: Andrew Nicholson
Lighting: Andrew Nicholson & Barry Nicholson
Sound: Tim Crump
Set Décor: Di Ralston
Properties: Ian Watson
Programme: Tim Crump


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