‘Meet and Two Veg’

Three plays by Alan Ayckborn and David Tristram


‘PEAS’ by David Tristram

Gerry and Daisy are the first to test out a new dating agency. They soon discover just how much they have in common.


 ‘Carrot’ by David Tristram

 The managing director of an ailing roofing bolt manufacturer has an unusual proposition for his union representative. Can he accept without compromising his principles?


Chloe With Love by Alan Ayckborn

Teddy’s marriage to Lottie is going through a difficult period. Does he still love Lottis? Does Lottie still love him? Cue next door neighbours Penny and Reggie to the rescue. But when Teddy meets the voluptuous Chloe, all their best laid schemes are put to the test.


You can turn the pages using the arrows at the bottom of the programme once you move your mouse over the image.

Cast & Crew


Gerry: Josh Webster
Daisy: Chrlene Edwards

Brian: John Shepherd
Peter: John Desbottes

Penny: Sarah Huggett
Lottie: Nicola Wood
Reggie: Tim Crump
Teddy: Dave Sawyer


Stage Manager & Set Design: Andrew Nicholson
Assistants: Members of the Club

Lighting Design: Andrew Nicholson
Lighting Operator: Barry Nicholson

Sound: Tim Crump
Sound Operator: Barry Nicholson

Props: Ian Watson

Directors: John Desbottes, Katie Leitch



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