A Comedy Trio – 2014

29th-31st May 2014


A Question of Sex by Arnold Bennett
Set in the early 20th Century, Georges uncle has promised to settle £10,000 on Georges  firstborn if it is a boy.  Unfortunately, the child is the wrong sex and George attempts to hide this fact from his uncle and secure the £10,000 with surprising results

Albert by Richard Harris
A Finnish au-pair, an English suitor and an Italian visitor none of whom speak each others language and confusion abounds.  Fortunately, the author has translated the foreign dialogue into English for the benefit of the audience.

Shop For Charity by Charles Mander
Are charity shops really there to help the Developing World or are they just a sop to the consciences of the people who run them? Thought-provoking and a very amusing, observational play about the nature of charity


You can turn the pages using the arrows at the bottom of the programme once you move your mouse over the image.

Cast & Crew


A Question of Sex by Arnold Bennett

George Gower: Robert Etheridge
Francis Gower:
John Desbottes
May Forster:
Amanda Facey
Helen Stanton:
Nicola Wood

Albert by Richard Harris

Karin: Claire Desbottes
Rob Etheridge
Dave Sawyer

Shop For Charity by Charles Mander

Hilda: Catherine Reid
Charlene Edwards
Jill Fortune
Mrs Pike:
Nicola Wood
Mr Galbraith:
John Desbottes


Director for A Question of Sex: Keith Edwards
Director for Albert and Shop For Charity:
Katie Eynon
Stage Design:
Chris Bryan
Stage Manager:
Phil Damarell
Stage Crew:
Andrew Nicholson, Laura Weeks, Anna D’Elia & Sophie Crump
Lighting Design:
Andrew Nicholson
Lighting Operator:
Barry Nicholson
Tim Crump
Front of House:
Dot Reid & Sarah Huggett



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